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Use your mind to control cancer. A cancer diagnosis is not a death sentence.

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Overcome autoimmune diseases through a holistic approach to the wellness of the body, mind, and spirit

Stephen Lau
Dear Reader:

Life is a game in which there are always winners and losers. The secret to winning the game of life is to discover the secrets of living well, which are also the secrets of healing. Without healing, the game of life is over and lost.


Time is a crucial factor in winning the game of life. Most of us live by the clock, and, worse, have the illusion that we must live by the clock. Unfortunately, we all have only 24 hours a day: time is an equalizer of man. Effective time management may help you only get more done within your time frame, but more is not necessarily better. Instead, learn to control your own experience of time--in particular, the experience of timelessness, which is the present moment. The past is gone, the future is unknown, and only the present is real. Learn to slow down and experience that timelessness by focusing on one thing at a time. In that way, you not only create your own rhythm of life but also enhance your acute awareness of time, which is the art of living well. As a result of doing one thing at a time, you will always have time for everything, including time for yourself.


Humans are mortal. As such, most of us have constant worries about getting sick and even thoughts of premature death. Living under the shadow of disease and death may cause hypochondria (vicarious experiencing symptoms of disease) in many individuals. Unfortunately, the disease symptoms are not only real but also debilitating.

Stop worrying about getting a serious illness: getting the disease symptoms does not necessarily mean going to get the disease itself. Instead, learn to decode your body language; it may be revealing some healing secrets to you through those disease symptoms.


Winning the game of life requires aspirations. Discover what you really want out of life. Life must have a purpose and dreams to go with that purpose. Identify your dreams, and pursue them with passion and persistence.

The greatest asset in life is health. A winner in the game of life cannot do without it. My goal here is to present you with my many random thoughts on healing secrets, so that you may keep the adversary of good health at bay.
For this reason, the content below will be regularly and continually updated. Just keep on coming back for more healing secrets.

Stephen Lau

More Healing Secrets

How to Relax by Way of Zen

Stress is one of the major underlying causes of human disease. Therefore, to be healthy, you must learn how to relax.

Learn from the Chinese the healing secrets of relaxation. The essence of their healing secrets is "softness." Chinese exercises, even their martial arts, focus on "softness" of movements. You not use force to combat force; instead, you use "softness" to overcome force.

Likewise, you do not avoid life's problems, and neither do you deal with them head on; instead, you go around them, and you follow the natural flow of life--which is the way of Zen.

Zen is not a religion; it is simply a philosophical way of life. Learn the secrets of healing through the art of living by way of Zen.

Stephen Lau


Candle Flame Eye Detox

When people think of detox, they mostly think of the body. But the eye needs detox as much as the body does. As a matter of fact, detox has to be comprehensive, because health is holistic.

The human eye is one of the most important body organs, which is connected with different internal organs, such as the brain, (which controls how you see), the heart, (which pumps oxygen and nutrients to your eyes), and the liver (which supplies nutrients to the eye, according to Chinese medicine). Therefore, eye detox cleanses not only the eye, but also the internal organs as well.

Stephen Lau


Detox Shake

In this day and age, you are daily ingesting a great deal of toxins into your body through the food you eat. In addition, if you regularly take prescribed medications from your doctor or over-the-counter drugs, you have loaded toxic chemicals into your body. Always look for alternatives to dangerous drugs.

To detoxify, the best way is to fast on a regular basis. But you may like the idea. Another alternative is to take a detox shake.

Put 3 tablespoons of whole flax seed, juice of 1 whole lemon, and 1 tablespoon of ground milk thistle into 1 cup of water, and drink it on an empty stomach. Get your detox shake 2-3 times a week for internal cleansing.

Stephen Lau


Eye Smoothie

Are you tired of wearing glasses or contacts? Do you want the vision of an eagle's?

Drink this eye smoothie every morning on an empty stomach, and do not eat at least for an hour after the smoothie.

The eye smoothie is simple to make: an apple, a small potato, a carrot, a medium tomato; put all ingredients in a blender, and drink immediately.

You can drink this eye smoothie in place of your breakfast. It not only gives you nutrients but also improves your vision.

If you have just started wearing reading glasses, you can dispense them within a few months. If you have been wearing them for a while, you may need some good eye exercises. Go to my site:
Vision Self-Healing Self-Help, and my blog: Vision Healing for more healing secrets.

Stephen Lau


Clarity of Mind

Muddled thinking may be due to some long-standing difficulties from childhood, or unresolved emotional and psychological problems.

Your overactive deep limbic system, which is near the center of your brain, may be responsible for giving you negative thoughts and distorted thinking. To change your thought patterns can heal your deep limbic system. Acknowledge that your thoughts are real, not imaginary, but change them nonetheless through affirmations, and repetitions of these affirmations.

The Super Mind Evolution is a state-of-the-art system with its many tools to create affirmations so that you will always feel calm and confident to  tap into the pure positive energy, which is innate in you, to re-discover your full potentials through the healing secrets of mind power.
n addition, this super system teaches you how to apply the famous Dale Carnegie technique in your everyday life to make the best and the most out of it.

Stephen Lau


Parsley -- Mouth Freshener

Avoid using commercial mouth-rinse or mouth-wash to freshen your mouth; they just disguise bad breath briefly. Also, stay away from candy mints; they cause tooth decay. Instead, do the following:
Rinse your mouth with water after eating, especially after eating starchy or sugary foods.
Scrape your tongue every morning to get rid of the thick coating on your tongue, which is often a breeding ground for bacteria.

Avoid alcohol and tobacco. Get the healing secrets of
addiction free.

Chew fresh parsley, which is a natural breath freshener.

The Bad Breath Report
: Learn how to cure your bad breath!

Stephen Lau


Liquid Nutritional Supplements

Make no mistake about it: supplements are only what they are called--evenliquid supplements. There is so much hype about the efficacy of liquid supplements, such a Boost and Ensure, among others. These slick commercials, originally intended for the infirm and the elderly, are now targeting the young as well in the name of "convenience." These liquid supplements contain only water, sugar, soy, milk protein, and fortified vitamins and minerals--they are not the same as whole foods with fiber and phytochemicals.

Only whole foods heal--supplements don't! Learn the healing secrets of food from
Food Is Medicine.

Stephen Lau


Daily Eye Bath

Give your eyes a daily eye bath to remove toxic fatigue from your eyes. Make them bright, shiny, and sharp.

For the eye bath, squeeze three to four drops of fresh lemon juice into each of your eyecups, and fill them up with purified water. Wash them thoroughly for 30 seconds.

Alternatively, brew some chrysanthemum tea (get the dried chrysanthemum from a herbal shop or a Chinese supermarket, not the teabags). Strain the tea, put it in a bottle and store it in the refrigerator. Pour the chrysanthemum tea in your eyecups, and wash your eyes thoroughly for 30 seconds.

Get other healing secrets for your eyes from my book
Vision Self-Healing Self-Help.

Stephen Lau

Daily Natural Diabetic Drink

If you are diabetic, make a natural diabetic drink from bitter melon, celery, cucumber, and green pepper (also known as the "four-green drink" in China), and drink it daily.

Bitter melon
is a typical Chinese vegetable with a bitter taste. You can stir-fry it with any meat, adding garlic and fresh ginger. Black bean sauce brings out the flavor of bitter melon. Bitter melon is obtainable at any Chinese supermarket.

To make your diabetic drink, put all the ingredients (in equal amount) in a blender, add some water, and blend them. Alternatively, you can also juice them and take the concentrated form.

You do not need Glipizide, Metformin, or other diabetic pharmaceutical drugs: bitter melon can bring down your blood sugar safe and fast, if you watch what you eat. For thousands of years, the Chinese have used bitter melon to address the health issues of diabetes.

If you find the taste "too bitter" for you, dilute it with more water. Remember, you can change and condition your taste bud in 60 days. Another alternative is to juice bitter melon with green apples to neutralize its bitterness.

Control your blood sugar naturally and stay healthy without
dangerous drugs!

Control your diabetes with natural health secrets.

Stephen Lau

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