Mind Power for Self-Healing

Self-healing begins with the mind first, not the body.

Why is that?

That is because you must first of all have the intent to heal, without which there is no self-cure or self-healing.

With intent, come concentration and focus to seek self-help to empower yourself with knowledge of self-healing, without which you may be at a loss as to what to do. Many simply turn to conventional medicine for treatment; unfortunately, it may only suppress the symptoms without eradicating the causes, and hence no healing.

Given the uniqueness of each individual's physical and physiological makeup, you must also use your imagination and creativity to devise your own methods of self-cure for optimum health. Remember, the road to health and recovery is never direct or smooth: it is always paved with roadblocks and obstacles. Therefore, you need visualization, which is the ability to see “reality” in your mind’s eye. Seeing is believing; “seeing” the positive result of your efforts through positive images reinforces your determination and perseverance to reach your goal of self-healing.
Visualization is a powerful tool for enhancing mind power for mind healing.

Finally, manifestation of the mind is evidenced in attaining ultimate self-healing.

All in all, through the many facets of mind power, such as intent, concentration, creativity, visualization, and manifestation, you initiate as well as complete the process of self-healing. Healing begins with the mind, and mind healing is always mind over matter.

Yes, your mind can heal. You mind can do everything for you. Mind power is mind over matter: it can make things happen for you and to you.

How the Mind Can Heal

Simply, the brain is made up of the right brain and the left brain. The right brain is responsible for your daily physical life with respect to analytical, logical, sequential, and verbal functions, among others. The left brain, on the other hand, is responsible for your creativity, imagination, and non-verbal functions.

The human brain has about 15 billion cells, and you may have utilized only 10 to 15 percent of your brain power, so there is still plenty of room for enhancing your mind power. In other words, your brain has great potential power for mind healing.

You can significantly increase your brain power with practices and exercises to train your brain. Although everyone's brain differs, everyone can empower the mind, given the proper tools and training.

The mind--the consciousness of the brain--has two components: the conscious mind, and the subconscious mind.

The conscious mind makes decisions, but the subconscious mind directs the conscious mind. That is to say, in your conscious mind, you are fully aware of your actions and their respective consequences; in your subconscious mind, you only respond spontaneously to repetitions of words and images in the form of affirmations and visualization. In other words, if you keep on repeating positive self-suggestions or visualizing positive images in your mind's eye, you can effectively change the thoughts in your conscious mind through your subconscious mind. That is   how you can train both your conscious and subconscious mind not only to fully develop the potential power of your brain power but also to apply it to self-healing.

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Unhealthy eating habits and a wayward lifestyle are not only some of the underlying causes of degenerative diseases and disorders but also major hurdles and obstacles in healing and recovery from them. Life is full of choices. Healing is a matter of choice, not of chance. As a matter of fact, to be healed is always mind over matter. Without the power of the mind, healing would become only a wish, but never a reality. Change is the essence of life--without which there will be no growth and no improvement. Making a meaningful and positive change in lifelong habits is not only necessary but also essential to self-healing. Find your strength from the inside to bring change on the outside--that is, harness your mind power for mind healing.

Mind Power to Change to Heal

(1) Affirmations and Visualization

Use positive affirmations and creative visualization to change your subconscious mind, instrumental in changing your conscious mind. To be effective, they must meet the following criteria:

They must be simple and easy to remember.

They must be practical, realistic, and achievable.

They must be what you strongly believe in, not what you wish for.

They must be repeated constantly and consistently to have an impact on the subconscious mind.

To illustrate, repeat to yourself daily the following positive affirmations or self-suggestions:

I possess the desire, the knowledge, and the skills to change my eating habits and lifestyle.

I am willing to accept change in order to attain self-healing.

I am learning how to change my lifestyle in a positive way.

I am changing on the inside to bring about positive change on the outside.

Positive affirmations or self-suggestions are powerful intents in the subconscious mind that can change negative thoughts into positive ones in your conscious mind. Meanwhile, reinforce your self-suggestions with powerful visual images. Remember, a picture in worth a thousand words. Visualize the outcomes of your positive affirmations; see yourself healed.

(2) Setting the Goal

A goal is a purpose, which defines the direction of your change. It provides you with a reason to abide by your decision to change. Use your mind power to set your goal to pursue self-healing through the mind.

To illustrate, repeat to yourself daily the following goal-setting affirmations:

I understand the importance of setting the goal to heal myself.

I am working on my self-cure goal everyday.

I am going to achieve my goal in self-healing.

(3) Making the Commitment

Commitment is mental responsibility, without which nothing can be accomplished. In life, there is no free lunch: you have to work at it in order to achieve it. Nobody can help you, except yourself. It is your self-healing, and only you can bring about the positive change to heal yourself, and commitment is your responsibility.

To illustrate, repeat to yourself daily the following affirmations:

I am a responsible person, and I acknowledge the importance of being committed.

I am committed to achieving my goal in self-healing.

I am staying committed until I reach my goal.

(4) Facing the Challenge

Living is a challenge, and so is self-healing. Changing your eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle is a great challenge, and the road towards reaching your goal is always bumpy, full of hurdles and obstacles. Overcome them with your determination and perseverance.

I understand that I need to face any challenge that may come up.

I possess the mind power to overcome any challenge in my way to reach my goal of self-healing.

I am ready to persevere until any challenge is overcome.

Self-healing is all in the mind--or rather in your thoughts. In life, every thought counts, because your actions are produced by your thoughts. Your thoughts make you who you and what you will become. It is mind over matter. Your thoughts create the "reality" for you, but they are only your perceptions, which may or may not be real. To change your thoughts or your  "reality," you need to change your perceptions first. Only your subconscious mind can do that. Use positive affirmations and powerful visualization, through daily repetitions, to register the "reality" in your subconscious mind, thereby instrumental in changing the thoughts in your conscious mind. Life is always mind over matter, especially in mind healing. 

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Brain Health

To optimize mind power, the brain has to be healthy.

Your brain is the hardware of your whole being: it plays a pivotal role in your personality, feelings, and behavior. As the seat of your perceptions  and experience, your brain directly and indirectly affects your self-healing process. A healthy brain makes a healthy body for recuperation and regeneration. Brain health is fundamental to mind healing.

How to have a healthy brain? Is there a
brain diet?

Brain health is heart health: what is healthy for the brain is also healthy for the brain.

A healthy brain has to be relaxed. Brain relaxation is achieved through 
meditation, which creates a subliminal state of calmness to relax both body and mind, creating the optimum environment for mind healing.

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In addition to meditation,
sleep health is critical to mind relaxation, and hence brain health.

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