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Subject: Vision Self-Healing Self-Help

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There might be four reasons why you are here:
Maybe you are interested in natural self-healing. Maybe you have been to my website: Self-Healing Self-Help, and that's why you have landed on this page.
Maybe you have some eye problems, such as cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, or some age-related eye disorders, and you would like to get some information on how to heal them naturally.
Maybe you are just tired of wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses, and you would like to improve your vision, or even want to throw them away for good!
Maybe you have heard of Dr. William Bates (1860 - 1931), and his revolutionary method of natural vision improvement, and you are wondering if the well-known The Bates Method is only pseudo medicine or a miracle of vision improvement.
But for whatever reason or reasons, you have come to the right place. And you have the right attitude!
The bottom line:

You want vision improvement!

And you want natural vision improvement!
I can't blame you: after all, vision is one of your best assets in life! To protect that invaluable asset, you must take some measures, and there are a number of factors you must also take into consideration when you go about vision improvement:
Are they safe?
Are they natural?
Do they involve drugs or surgery?
Are they effective?
For vision healing, follow the expert, and there is but one expert: Dr. William Bates, the founder of natural vision improvement! For more than a century, all natural vision improvement books, programs, and products available on the market are ALL based on his innovative ideas and theories, and, of course, with some additions, adaptations, and variations.

So, if you would like to go for natural vision improvement, there is only one method to go by: The Bates Method!

What is The Bates Method?

The Bates Method
is the simplest and the most natural method to improve vision and to protect the eye. Here is a simple explanation of The Bates Method for the layman:

The eye changes its shape constantly because the eye conditions and the environment surrounding the eye are also constantly changing.
When the eye changes its shape, it also changes the shape of its lens, and a distorted lens accounts for the refractive error (e.g. nearsightedness and farsightedness).
Good vision is based on how effective and efficient is the eye in adapting and accommodating itself to these constant changes.
Wearing glasses or contacts impairs vision, because it deprives you of your natural eye accommodation, which is the ability to adapt itself to constant changes. To illustrate, you naturally take off your sunglasses when you go indoors; wearing corrective lenses is like "forcing" yourself to put on your sunglasses even when you go indoors and the light is dim -- in this way, you strain your eyes unknowingly, and hence the refractive error continues.
To correct vision, removing glasses or contacts is a must because wearing them only further damages vision.
The apparent catch-22 situation: wearing glasses or contacts is bad for the eye, but not wearing them deprives an individual of clear vision. So the critical question is: To wear or not to wear?
Dr. Bates' solution: Accept blurry vision temporarily, and you will see better when your vision improves. But, meanwhile, do not strain you eyes to see more clearly! You will see clearly after your eyes have improved, and not before that!
The Bates Method is simple: Relax the eye to prevent the eye from changing its shape, and therefore instrumental in making it more accommodating to the constant changes. 
Many doctors may not know about this revolutionary procedure to naturally correct vision and improve eyesight. Even if they do, the billion-dollar optical industry will frown upon this natural eye improvement, which is against their better financial judgment. As a result, doctors and ophthalmologists continue to prescribe glasses and contacts that do nothing but ensure over time that your eye muscles get weaker, not stronger, and that you continue to be dependent on purchasing new corrective eyewear one after the other for the rest of your life. Does that sound familiar? How many pairs of prescription lenses have you worn so far? Has your vision prescription got weaker or stronger? You already know the answers.

Dr. Bates made an excellent point when he said: "Why, if glasses are correct, must they continually be strengthened because the eyes, under their influence, have weakened?  Logically, if a medicine is good, the dose should be weakened as the patient grows stronger." So, by the same token, if eyeglasses are good for you, why do you continue to need stronger eye prescription? Just think about that!

If you want INSTANT VISION FIX, go for eyeglasses or contacts, or even surgery, more power to you!

But . . . . if you want NATURAL VISION HEALING, empower yourself with KNOWLEDGE and INFORMATION on vision self-healing!!

However,information is good only when it is useful, easy to understand and relevant -- and, above all, readily available. These are very important factors to consider!

There are several ways to get the knowledge and information you need for vision improvement:
Go to Google and search: It will probably direct you from one website to another. These websites may provide some but never comprehensive information without getting some money from you first. There is no free lunch! Internet search can be exhaustive and even daunting to many.
Go to Amazon and find books on the subject. You may be able to find a handful of good books on improving eyesight based on The Bates Method. But which one to buy? There is no guarantee that you will get what you pay for!
Go to ClickBank, the world's largest supplier of digital products. Some of these products may cost as much as a hundred dollars.
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Self-Healing Self-Help
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